Monday, 22 February 2016

Where to find my writings

Hello all

As some readers may already know, a little over a year ago a very old staff (as in he worked for me 10 years ago, not that he really old) started to work for me again. He's an independent author and that was the main reason why he came back was to devote more time to his writings.

Taking advantage of his new skill list I published my book 'The Journey' as an ebook. Over 500 downloads latter I consider it a great personal success. For those who still haven't read it you get it free from SmashwordsKOBO  and IBooks. It's also available on Amazon but that seller has problems with free books so it on again off again free or 99 cents US. These are only a sample of where you can find 'The Journey", it pretty much available anywhere ebooks are sold.

Given the success of 'The Journey' I started writing a series of essays on various disability topics. I've also published these and are available for 99 US cents each at Amazon , Kobo, Ibooks, and Smashwords. I urge to to check them all out, I think they're good value for the money.

Finally all the publishing also got me noticed by other content providers. The good people at the Selfadvocate offered me a monthly column. The first one is up so take a look.

So that's it. The reason why I haven't been writing here much is because I've become a professional writer. I believe that what I have something to say and that it is important and that like many people out there a small fee is not unreasonable.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

An Opportunity to Share with Others UPDATE # 1

Further to the last post, I wish to elaborate a little to get you thinking about what may interest you.....

  • These informal sessions could be held in someone's home or weather permitting. a park or other outdoor venue
  • we could discuss such things as "Independence" and what that means to you
  • we could discuss a huge exciting rally type event , aka "HOOTENANY 2015" which would reach out to the public and give them more insight into the lives and strifes of persons with disabilities and or seniors
  • we could have live music at these sharing sessions (lead by someone you may know) and perhaps we could even  collectively create our own song or two
  • we could discuss the many or not, useful or not, benefits available or not, to persons with disabilities like the RDSP, the Federal and Provincial Disability Tax Credits, CSIL (Choices in Support of Independent Living) Maybe we could come up with some new ones.
We are excited to hear your thoughts.

An Opportunity to Share with Others

Hello everyone; 

Thora and I have a great idea - brilliant in fact! Does anyone out there wish they had a place or opportunity to share with others (either disabled or not) their concerns, questions, ideas etc about any topic that interests you in a safe friendly atmosphere with others who care? Years ago, on occasion, as the interest dictated, I would have a couple people to my place to discuss things like independence and what it meant for them and me and sometimes I took their ideas and applied them to my own life.. I found this very beneficial and worthwhile and good way to socialize. Would anyone out there be interested in such a similar situation and if so, please let me know and let's see what we can make happen. We hope to hear from you soon and perhaps more ideas will emerge.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My Thoughts Around the RDSP by Cathy Grant

My thoughts around the RDSP
by Cathy Grant

I believe the RDSP program is one of the most significant programs for people with disabilities and their families since the start of the de-institutionalization in the early ‘80’s; a good idea for those who are eligible. 


-  Money equals power.
- The program changes the result from Persons with Disabilities being a liability to their families into being an asset to their families.
- They become contributing members of society.
- The money is now under the direct control of the person with the disability. In other words, it would be up to the person as to where they could spend it.
- This could work well with the IF (Individualized Funding) program because the person with the disability also has direct control of their money.
- Some were under the assumption that you had to open with a minimum amount of $1000.00. That is a myth. You don’t have to deposit any money at all to open it.

I wrote a letter to the provincial MLAs and there was positive interest; however, most were forwarded to the Federal MPs who were ultimately responsible for it.

It is a shame that people over 60 cannot make use of it. It should be made available to all Persons with Disabilities regardless of age. It is the disability that is important, not their age.

In my opinion, it would be good if someone like me who is now over 50 could claim back to 2008 when I was only 49 and still eligible and claim that one particular year. I believe there would be a strong case and argument around this point.

I would strongly recommend that any money contributed by the beneficiary of an RDSP not count as income. Under current Person With Disability benefit rules, a person with a disability is only allowed to earn $9600 per year before his or her PWD benefits are clawed back. Allowing people to contribute to their RDSP, over and above the $9600 limit and not lose any PWD benefits, would increase their motivation to work where possible. It would increase their motivation to seek out work that pays them more than $9600 per year and also break the cycle of poverty that many people with disabilities find themselves in today. This could be done with no financial increase to the Province or the taxpayer.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Civil Rights Movement - do we need one?

Do you feel we need a Civil Rights Movement and if so, would you get involved and how?
If you believe we need a movement of this type, what would it look like to you? How would you get the information about this movement out to the world other than the usual "emails to MP's and MLA's"?

In my experience, people don't believe rallies work any more - am I wrong? If people don't like them what would we replace a rally with that you feel would work? There obviously has to be a distinct focus and purpose and we need to know our target group. One idea that Thora feels could work would be a public gathering (not unlike a rally) that would be geared to all people, all ages, all genders, etc with music that appeals and draws people of all ages, genders etc . The focus would be decided upon based on the answers you give us to the question: What do you feel is the most important issue today regarding persons with disabilities and seniors? We would appreciate your honest feedback and answers to the above. This would be most helpful in our "Sisters in Action" work. Thank you all. I truly believe you will all answer this - won't you ? Cathy and Thora (Sisters in Action)

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Hello everyone;
 Hope you will visit, like, share and comment on my sister's and my new FB page "SISTERS IN ACTION"
This is a page where we will keep you up  to date as to the various issues we deal with, creating positive action rather than just talk.

Hope you will visit,

Cathy and Thora

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Action speaks louder than words

Yesterday's gone, tomorrow's not here and today's a present which is why we call it a gift.

Therefore - think, do and live for today as that is all we really have.

Let's make things happen.  Let's do more than just talk....let's take ACTION!

If you want to help, consider commenting on this rather than just LIKE-ing it.  The more people that make comments and start some ACTION, the further we will get.